Austrailan Borers

Sunshine Coast building inspections

Posted By Carson Smith  
17:00 PM

Borers, Have you ever found pin holes in your timber flooring? what about what you thought was termites in decayed timber yet no mudding? Welcome to the world of borers.

Many people are surprised to find out that sometimes the actual pest causing damage their timbers are in fact borers!!

Now borers can be anything from moths to wasps or beetles and are generally most damaging in the Laval (grub) stage. Identification of these borers is important if you think you have a problem. Some borers can remain in the Laval stage for many years before metamorphosis happens and the grub now emerges from the timbers as whinged insect through what we call flight holes. Some of the most common borers we have here in Australia are :

  • Longicorns
  • Auger beetles
  • Pinhole borers
  • Queensland pine bettle and furniture beetle
  • powder post beetle

Whilst some borers can cause major structural damage others will generally do little damage other than an unsightly flight hole. Either way, If you have some suspicious holes in your timber its best to get a professional timber pest inspector in to identify and recommend treatments and repair that may be necessary. Here at Accredited building Inspections we can do both as we have both licensed pest technicians and builders with years of experience in the each field. whether you are based on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast, we have you covered.