Flexi hose inspections

Posted By Carson Smith  
18:51 PM

How would you like for over 1000 ptrs of water per hurt be pumped through your entire house? What if I told you most homes have at least 6 - 8 of these time bombs throughout your dwelling!!   And worst of all.... They almost always seem to burst when the plumbing is least at use and pressure builds. This means at night whilst you sleeping or away for the weekend!!


The damage one of these bursting can lead into the 10's of thousands in damage and make up over 20% of escape of liquid claims across Australia every year!!!!

Pictured is a corroded Flexi hose on its very last days. Quality ones of these come with a 10 year warranty as this one does however, this 3 year old Flexi we found at Coolum beach is clearly not going to make the 10 year mark. Regular inspections is the only way to ensure you don't end up with a nasty surprise ruining your day and you house. We recommend ensuring you get your flexible braided water hoses inspected after 3 years and 12 monthly there after. Hoses should be replaced at the first signs of rust or split braid. contact Accredited building and pest inspections for you pre purchase, pre sale, home maintenance and timber pest inspections. We service Caloundra to Noosa and down to the North side of Brisbane.