Advanced electronic moisture detection

Advanced Moisture Detection

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Moisture trapped in building components such as roof space, wall voids or subfloors can cause all kinds of problems. We find moisture problems locted in dwellings on a daily basis. One of the most common is the shower recess. Lack of maintenance, Poor workmanship, General age and product failure are some of the causes that can lead to leaking showers or plumbing.  Moisture can get trapped in the walls and cause damage to buildinging components including timber decay to wall and subfloor timbers. 

Not only will decaying timber lose its structural intergrity but is also conducive to timber pest attack. If you think you may have a leaking shower its best to start taking action to recify immediatly. The best course of action for any failed wet area is removal and replacement so that the waterproofing memebrane can reinstated as a complete continuous barrier. If this is not an option for you there other options.  We carry out inspections all across the Sunshine Coast Including Caloundra, Landsborough, Buddina, Baringa , Aura , Golden beach , Pelican waters , Mooloolaba , Maroochydore , Noosa ,Tewantin , Maleny , Nambour , Beerwah , Glass house mountains and more...  

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