This is why Pest Control is Essential before a New Home Building Handover

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House maintenance includes conducting regular checks for repairs, keeping it tidy, and protecting it from pests. The main concern about pests is that when you see one, you probably know that they have already built their nest within the walls of your house or under the cabinets, etc. We have listed the top reasons why pest control is essential before a new home building handover.

Health Risks

The most common types of pests, such as rats, mosquitos, or cockroaches, can pose some serious health risks. They are known to transfer infections and other forms of diseases such as typhoid and dengue. It is not possible to identify whether a pest is carrying any diseases or not, which is why it is better to get rid of them altogether as a caution.

Property to Damage

Most pests decide to nest in your home because they find a source of food. Rats can easily chew things like wood, wires, or even your pipes. Termites can also eat through wooden structures and support beams, which can destroy your furniture and the walls. This will ultimately result in lower property value and greater repair expenses. The worst thing about smaller pests is that they can hide within the walls, so they are able to cause more damage before anyone can even notice.

Risk of Food Contamination

Pests don’t just eat your food; they can also easily get you into trouble when an inspector walks in. Moreover, rodents can easily contaminate the food and even leave behind urine, faeces, or worse, their young. This can spread life-threatening diseases that can even be fatal for you or the new homeowners. Therefore, to make sure that the food remains safe and secure, you should hire professional pest control experts to close all pathways for pests to enter your home.

Late Detection Consequences

Pests such as ants, termites, and bed bugs can multiply rapidly. Even if you don’t see them, they might still be around somewhere and can start to grow at an alarming rate. When the number of pests grows, it becomes difficult to control the situation and remove all of them. Pest control experts are able to identify the presence of pests easily and can take action to contain the spread before it gets out of hand.  

Financial Constraints

The more pests you have, the more damage your property will have to bear. This will lead to increased financial burden and repair expenses. Unfortunately, your homeowners’ insurance won’t come in handy as it does not provide protection against pest damage. Therefore, a regular pest control check is much needed to refrain from any financial loss.  

Loss of Value

The early detection of pests in your house can help keep its value. In case you want to sell your property, you will have to carry out a check for pests. If any signs of pests are found during an inspection, your house could easily lose its market value, and you will lose your negotiating power.

You must have heard the saying, prevention is better than cure. With that in mind, it is always better to seek professional help before things get out of hand. Accredited Building Inspections offers building and pest inspection services. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us here.