Cracking concrete piers

Posted By Carson Smith  
12:10 PM

Solution for cracking concrete piers


Cracking to concrete piers is more common than you might think.


We often report on problems such as this in our Building inspection reports. 

Cracking piers can be from a multiple of reasons but most common is corrosion of the steel reinforcing when it is too close to the external surface. Rust and corrosion has a much greater volume than the original steel and pushes outward causing the concrete to crack. Once the concrete has cracked more air and moisture is then able to enter the pier and progress the corrosion even further.

We will most likley reccommend a structural engineer or specialist in the field for advice moving forward in possible repair or most likley replacement of the piers.

Most issues we flag in our reports are not always a cause for alarm or concern and are common problems with age of dwellings or certain building practices from the era. Most problems can be easily overcome with the correct trades and profesional advice.