How a Building Inspection Can Save You Money

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22/04/2022 16:00 PM
Accredited Building And Pest Inspection Sunshine Coast If you are planning to buy a property, be it a home or a commercial building, you must have a building inspection service. You can save thousands...


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22/03/2022 12:26 PM
Purchasing a new building is very exciting for everyone. But when you go to purchase, you are purchasing for longevity. So you need to think a lot before buying. It is better to have a building and...


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22/03/2022 12:15 PM
Just because your house is new, that does not mean it is perfect! If you have the house built from scratch and to your exact needs, you might assume that a building inspection is not needed. Are you...

Sunshine Coast flooding/ storm damage and what you should consider

Posted By Carson Smith,
04/03/2022 13:08 PM
2022 has not been shy on suprises and challenges for everyone. The latest storms and rain event caused by the La Nina cycle has devastated the south east coast leaving many people with property...

Queenslands property market booming. Is now the time waive a pre purchase inspection?

Posted By Carson Smith,
29/03/2021 08:44 AM
With south east Queensland’s property running red hot it has never been harder  to get into your own home.  Prices are skyrocketing, interstate buyers and new home owners are rushing...

Advanced electronic moisture detection

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26/02/2021 08:24 AM
Moisture trapped in building components such as roof space, wall voids or subfloors can cause all kinds of problems. We find moisture problems locted in dwellings on a daily basis. One of the most...

Rust Metal roof fixings and screw corrosion

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06/01/2021 17:18 PM
Living in Coastal areas such as the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast there is fair chance your roof will be affected by rust or corrosion caused by fine particles of sea salt, usually formed by the...

This is why Pest Control is Essential before a New Home Building Handover

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17/12/2020 16:06 PM
House maintenance includes conducting regular checks for repairs, keeping it tidy, and protecting it from pests. The main concern about pests is that when you see one, you probably know that they...

Cracking concrete piers

Posted By Carson Smith,
17/12/2020 12:10 PM
Solution for cracking concrete piers   Cracking to concrete piers is more common than you might think.   We often report on problems such as this in our Building inspection...

Why Pest Control is so Important

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10/12/2020 14:45 PM
The pest species that invade our homes aren’t just annoying, they can also represent numerous threats to our health and the integrity of our houses. Below we’ll take a look at three of the most...